Saturday, April 5, 2008

New iPhone Case Redesign

As more and more information and rumors are spreading about a new 3G iteration of the iPhone, especially after comments by AT&T’s Mobility CEO, more “leaked information” is popping up daily.

iPod Observer has posted images of what look like a new backplate to the iPhone, possibly for use on the “iPhone 2″

New iPhone Back

This new backplate is a glossy black which looks as though it is made from plastic. This may help the iPhone with its wireless signal, as metal is not a good transmitter material. This backplate is one piece, as opposed to Apple’s current two piece approach with the electronics in a metal casing but the antenna in a separate plastic casing.

We at iPhone World are unsure of the validity of this information, though the image looks rather convincing. We will keep you posted in any more information as it becomes available.

Thanks: iPod Observer

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