Saturday, April 5, 2008

T-Mobile Lowers iPhone Price 75% To Improve Sales

The iPhone is sold out in many U.S. stores, prompting rumors of a new 3G model. At the same time, other countries don't have it so good, sales-wise, and one such example is Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile division: it is lowering the price of an 8 GB iPhone to 99 euros ($122 USD) for two months.

The iPhone price cut promotion by T-Mobile in Germany runs from April 7th to June 30th (yep, just a little past the first birthday of the iPhone). Normally the 8 GB model sells for 399 euros, so that's a 75% cut. You have to get an 89 euro a month contract, though. However, you could also buy the 8 GB model for 249 euros, still a 37.5% cut, with a new 29 euro "starter plan."

As far as the rumors over any impending 3G iPhone launch and the sold-out stores, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster said earlier this week (in a research note) that many Apple stores have sold out of the device and suggested there is an 80% chance of a new 3G iPhone model arriving soon, with the same $399 price point, to keep sales up.

While keeping the price point the same would be great, consumers would still end up paying for, due to the 3G data plan, so control your enthusiasm.

Source: Tech-Ex

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