Saturday, April 5, 2008

8GB iPhone for 99€ in Germany

Reuters reports that T-Mobile in Germany is now offering Apple’s iPhone for 99€ (= USD ~$150) for those who do not mind subscribing to a “Complete XL” plan at 89 euros a month. This announced on Thursday offer is going to start on 7th of April and last until the 30th of June. Since its launch in Germany on November 9th, the iPhone was available at the price of 399€.

T-mobile in Germany has also prepared an interesting offer for the clients who can not afford to pay 89€ a month. Subscribing to the cheapest call plan at 29€ a month can get them an iPhone for 249€. Still, in both cases subscribers have to sign up for a two years contract.


Now if only iPhone users in other countries could somehow get this deal…

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