Saturday, April 5, 2008

Windows Mobile 6.1 mimics iPhone OS X features, improves on them

Windows Mobile 6.1’s home screen and text messaging underwent a lot of changes, and now look more and more like iPhone’s OS X features. Likewise, the internet browser now allows you to zoom onto the page — which was one of the more original features that the iPhone brought to the mobiles world.

windows mobile 6.1

There are some features, though, that do trump iPhone’s OS X’s features, in Windows Mobile 6.1. Among them is the ability to copy+paste information, multiselect functionality that allows the user to choose texts and messages and apply collective actions like delete, move, and mark to them. This feature will also be supported for multiple messages or contacts within a smart filter search.

One other notable addition is the Task Manager, which allows you to see and close all currently running programs — like you would on your desktop computer.

Here’s to hoping that iPhone firmware v2.0 will incorporate all these features once it’s out… You can read more about Windows Mobile v6.1 on Mobiles World.

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