Saturday, April 19, 2008

LG promises more iPhone clones

After unleashing the iPhonoid LG LH2300 touchscreen handset in South Korea last month, LG threatens to release more iPhone clones, or at least, more of the same.

After releasing the said device, the company stated that new handsets “with unique UIs, touch screens and internet accessibility are expected to lead to a growth in shipments of 20 per cent and a double-digit operating margin,” according to vnunet.

lg lh cyon 2300

Whether this means that LG will start shipping the LG LH23000 to other markets as well, or whether there are new similar products forthcoming, it’s a bit interesting to see LG keep perfecting its products as the LG Prada and the LG KS20 didn’t catch on as much as the iPhone in terms of net sales.

You can read more about LG LH2300 over at our sister site Mobiles World.

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