Saturday, April 19, 2008

“iHolder”: custom iPhone car windshield, dash, desk, table, etc, mount / holder

GreenPC posted information on our forum about their rather well self described product “iHolder”, which could be a very nifty accessory primarily for car owners, but could have uses in other environments as well.

According to the company, iHolder is ““custom” fitted for the iPhone. Not a generic bulky unit with adjustable sides. Very sleek and solid. Can adjust angles vertical, horizontal, tilt, and even turn your iPhone sideways.


Includes a round plate that has heavy duty tape so you can mount this on irregular surfaces, which you would then attach suction onto this plate for secure mounting. If mounting onto glass surface do not need to use plate.

iHolder is available for $24.99 CDN (or $24.80 USD) on GreenPC’s website (there’s a 100% money back guarantee as well).

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