Saturday, April 19, 2008

Connect with Facebook friends via iPhone — without internet access (one day)!

Researchers from Israeli Technion Institute came up with a rather unbelievable, at least at first, invention that could eventually allow you to communicate with your Facebook friends — without internet access.

According to the official press release, thanks to a new Facebook application, you’d still be able to use your laptop computer - without Internet access - to detect Facebook friends (and friends of those friends) who have also installed the application, making it possible to network, chat, share files and directories, play collaborative games, or actually meet face-to-face.

peersonalizer iphone

The scientists from Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, say there are two components to the application, dubbed “Peersonalizer”: a Facebook application and a module inside the free, downloadable WiPeer software developed by lead researcher Professor Roy Friedman’s team last year. (WiPeer makes direct wireless (WiFi) communication between computers possible - without intermediary devices (such as Internet routers) - at distances of up to 900 ft.).

Peersonalizer - for which the Technion has already applied for a patent - uses technology that can also be applied to other social networking sites such as MySpace, Friendster and LinkedIn. Friedman also says the technology could eventually be used with WiFi-enabled mobile phones, such as the iPhone.

This application takes social networking to another level,” says Friedman. “Peersonalizer demonstrates that Internet based social networks can serve as complementary mechanisms - rather than replacements - to social and business life.”

The application was developed by two Technion Faculty of Computer Science students, Lior Biran and Tomer Einav, as a project under the supervision of WiPeer creators Friedman and Ph.D. students Vadim Drabkin and Gabi Kliot.

If that is not incredible, we don’t know what is. And while there are no immediate plans to develop an iPhone version of the software, we wouldn’t be surprised to see one eventually. And the implications of such could be great — just imagine playing an MMOG game like Parallel Kingdoms with those around you, just using a combined WiFi iPhone network…

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