Wednesday, March 26, 2008 v2.0 iPhone NES emulator

It’s been some time since we’ve updated our local mirror of, the iPhone NES emulator by Jonathan Zdziarski, whom we got to interview a while ago.

The emulator seems to have kept growing and growing since, and Jonathan recently had a book published through O’Reilly publishing, where he explains how to write unauthorized third party programs for the iPhone — without the use of the recently released iPhone SDK.

Below are updated local mirrors of the program. If you’d like to install it via, just make sure you have “community sources” installed and navigate to download the same version through Installer (predictably, is located in the Games section of Installer).

Direct downloads:
- 2.0.5 iPhone NES emulator for firmware v1.1.3 and above (500KB)
- 2.0.3 iPhone NES emulator for firmware v1.1.2 and below (500KB)

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