Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Optus to provide iPhone in Australia? Speculations heat up.

According to Cnet, Optus might win the exclusive rights to provide iPhone in Australia, if its parent company SingTel will win them in Singapore.

This is contrary to previous speculation that Telstra would be providing iPhones to Australians.

As we previously covered, SingTel may start offering iPhones in Singapore this September.

Cnet also claims that SingTel might pursue a deal, in which they would cover the entire Asia-Aacific region.

Interestingly Telstra is Australia’s only EDGE network mobile service provider. So even if Optus would win the rights, it will only be able to offer slower than Edge (GPRS) speeds. Unless a 3G iPhone would be available by that time.

As always, the aswer to the question of who exactly will provide the iPhones to customers, is surrounded by a thick fog.

Thanks: Cnet

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