Wednesday, March 26, 2008

IPhone Sold Out In New York. 3G Launch Coming Soon?


Yesterday, all three NYC Apple Stores were out of iPhones, according to The Huffington Post. But coupled with this Twitter post from Kevin Rose of Digg, we wonder if Apple might be clearing stock for a new, 3G iPhone:

another person confirming iphone rumors w/me (high lvl VP at a big company that works w/Apple) - "it will ship in June w/3G and GPS"

The "another" refers to Rose's own claim on the Digg video podcast, Diggnation. Rose says that the 3G iPhone will be here in the next few months and will have not one, but two cameras: one for video chat and the other for taking pictures.

Yes, he's quoting unnamed sources to back up his own unsubstantiated claims, but this rumor at least has a ring of truth.

New York Apple Stores Sold Out Of iPhones [Huffington Post]

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