Friday, March 28, 2008

Gartner clarifies 10 Million 3G iPhones report

A few days ago, we reported on a story about Apple ordering 10 Million 3G iPhones. Apparently, it was a misunderstanding, and Gartner has decided to clarify it.

Gartner said that they do not know whether Apple has actually placed an order for 3G iPhones and there is no way for them to get a confirmation that an order had been placed. However, they do believe it would be logical if Apple would have done so.

“If Apple was to place an order, then 10 million would be a reasonable number,” Hafner said. “And we absolutely believe that in the next-generation iPhone 3G will be there”


Since iPhone sales were not as strong as expected in Europe, due in part to a lack of 3G support, it is vital for Apple to release 3G iPhones as soon as possible. However, 3G might not be enough, since there are already 3.5G devices, reports Gartner.

They also said that one improvement they expect from Apple is OLED display for the iPhone. Current LCD is the most energy consuming part of the device, and having OLED screen would allow for power balance for 3G.

Thanks: InfoWeek

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