Friday, March 28, 2008

Thieves arrested after stealing 332 iPhones

The thieves are at it again. Two men, Joshua Garrand, 28, of Methuen, Mass., and Christopher Nashed, 22, of Sandown were arrested yesterday, because they gave in to the iPhone lust, and maybe quick money as well.

Both men were employees at the Apple store in the Mall at Rockingham Park, who decided to make an easy profit by stealing 332 iPhones worth $132,468.

Interestingly, the first reports of missing iPhones appeared in early January. However, after three months on the case, Sgt. Steve Malisos finally caught the culprits. After stealing the iPhones thieves were reselling them online. Police did not reveal how sophisticated their operation was.

There is one thing criminals never learn: don’t steal the iPhones!

Thanks: EagleTribune

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