Friday, March 28, 2008

Latest rumours: iPhone in Mexico and Netherlands soon

There were many rumours this week. First rumours from Digg founder Kevin Rose, and then the story from Gartner, which turned to be not true, and here are the latest rumours from the world of iPhone.

According to a Mexico City based newspaper El Universal, Apple is in talks with mobile service provider Telcel to launch the iPhone in June. Unfortunately, the device might cost as much as 8% more than it normally does in the USA due to taxes.


Another interesting rumour comes from the Netherlands.

Dutch Apple reseller ‘The Innovators’ has stated that they will reveal a new product on March 29th, and posted some interesting hints. The hints state that the product has never been available in the Netherlands and that it makes it easy to call…. We do wonder what that could be.


It is interesting to note, that Apple has never used reseller to distribute iPhones. It seems we will have to wait until March 29th to find out.

Thanks: AppleInsider

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