Saturday, March 29, 2008

Device Seizure 2.0 - forensic solution for the iPhone

Paraben Corporation, which provides digital forensic technology, announced today that it has released Device Seizure 2.0 with iPhone support. Device Seizure is the first forensic tool to support iPhone in the forensic acquisitions.


“We immediately started hearing from examiners when the iPhone was released asking what they should do,” stated Amber Schroader, CEO of Paraben Corporation.

“We were right in line to get a device and begin the research. We wanted to give law enforcement the best and most forensically sound methodology as soon as possible and we are really pleased with the results. As a rule, cell phone forensics is an uphill battle and the iPhone was no exception. It is a quality device that is difficult to gather data from.”

Device Seizure currently supports over 1,928 devices.

The program can acquire many types of data from the iPhone. SMS and call history, physical memory dumps (system and video files, images, deleted data), scheduler and more. So even if you plan to do a crime, think ahead. Most likely, it will fail.

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