Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bank of America predict June 3G iPhone release

Bank of America analyst said that 3G iPhone will most likely ship in June. “Our latest channel checks point to a significant production build of a 3G iPhone beginning in the month of June after an initial small build in May,” says Scott Craig.

Craig also said that Apple is to build 3 Million iPhones by the end of May, with 8 more Million by the end of 2008. That’s 1 million more then what Gartner predicted. Craig says he had previously expected just 8 million phones to be built in all of 2008.


Another researcher, Avi Greengart of Current Analysis said that 3G phone is meant to be released at the same time as the iPhone 2.0 firmware, which would make it even more popular.

Thanks: Electronista

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