Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Great Canadian iPhone Petition

It’s been a long while since the iPhone was announced, launched in the USA, launched in Europe, and underwent so many different changes (including the 16GB version launch and iPhone SDK launch) that it’s not even the same device we’ve seen in January 2007, when itself was launched.

One thing never changed: Canadians still don’t know when they will even get their hands on Time Magazine’s Invention of the Year 2007. All requests for additional information through official channels don’t yield any results, or rather, produce highly conflicting reports. In the meantime, one can see more and more iPhones on the streets of Canada and wonder how they got here.

iphone canada

That’s why and our friends from, the two largest Canadian iPhone news and information portals with a combined monthly audience of over 100,000 unique Canadian readers a month, teamed up to bring you The Great Canadian iPhone Petition.

The primary goal of this petition is to simply show Apple and Rogers that there is a great demand and great amount of love for Apple iPhone in Canada. We are hoping that by having as many people as possible signing it, maybe, somehow, someone, at Apple or Rogers, will hear our voices – the voices of potential customers, highly interested in purchasing the said device and monthly service plans for it. Even if this is a long bet that this will hasten the release date in Canada, we’d still rather try than not.


The secondary goal of this petition is to at least ask for some more official information on iPhone’s launch in Canada – we would certainly be more than satisfied to at least have an approximate release date to count down days to, even if it won’t be happening next month or the month after. Simply putting it, some certainty as to the release date is all we really need – and that can be achieved via one simple press release sent out by either Apple or Rogers.

There are no other goals or other agendas. All we’d like, is to get the iPhone in Canada, or at least know when it will come here. As such we sincerely ask all Canadian readers that care about iPhone’s future in Canada to sign this online petition (preferably with your own name, since this gives more weight to it) at and send a link to it to those that you think would care.

And if you’d like to link to this petition’s page from your site, we’ve even made a special 180×180 pixels graphic for it (see the image below), which you can freely reuse on your own site or blog page.

The Great Canadian iPhone Petition

P.S. If you run a .ca site (no matter which kind it is, as long as it’s Safe For Work) and you’re supporting the petition with a link to the petition’s page, feel free to send us the URL, so we could add you to the list below.

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P.P.S. En Francais: Salut a tous qui veulent avoir une possibilite d’acheter un iPhone legalement au Canada. Nous vous appelons de signer cette petition ici pour montrer aux compagnies Rogers et Apple que il y’a assez du support et demande pour l’iPhone au Canada. SVP signez la, et montrer cette lien a ceux que peuvent etre interesses. Ecrivez nous si vous avez mis un lien de votre site web au site du petition pour que on aura une possibilite de vous mettre sur la liste de sites sponseurs. P.P.P.S. SVP Excusez nous pour notre Francais pire.

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