Saturday, April 26, 2008

UK is preparing for iPhone 3G?

There seem to be an interesting development with the 8GB iPhone. Firstly, Carphone Warehouse reported that they completely sold out of 8 GB iPhones all over the country.

Spokesman for Carphone Warehouse said:

“Our price promotion has given many more of our customers the opportunity to enjoy the iPhone experience. Due to this unprecedented demand we have now sold out of the 8GB iPhone and we’re currently reviewing the stock situation. In the meantime, customers can still purchase the 16GB iPhone at the standard price at The Carphone Warehouse.”


O2 also reported low stocks of iPhone. It has sold out of their stock on-line, and has limited stock in their stores.

Both O2 and Carphone Warehouse are thinking whether to order additional stock of 8 GB iPhones. One can only assume that they are indeed preparing for the upcoming 3G iPhone.

Still if you do not want to wait for 3G iPhone, and demand one now, Apple store is offering them at the usual price. No discount from there.

Thanks: PocketLint

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