Saturday, April 26, 2008

First glance into the new 3G iPhone

Engadget reports that next generation iPhone is currently in the testing stages. In fact, their secret source managed to get one of new iPhones. Here are his findings.

New iPhone is same in size and shape as the old gen iPhone
There is 3G support
True GPS support
iPhone will have a black glossy back. No more nice shiny metal
Back plate will be thicker and will have less angular edges
Battery is not removable
Phone itself will be slightly thicker than current gen iPhone
The headphone jack will no longer be recessed
The screen size and resolution will stay roughly the same
It is unknown what battery capacity it will have


According to recent reports, it will chip sometime in June or July. When precisely, it is yet unknown.

We should find out how true this information is during the upcoming WWDC, when the device should be announced. Until then – wait.

Thanks: Engadget

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