Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sprint unveils Samsung instinct, a device to take on AT&T’s iPhone

In a CTIA conference yesterday, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse, unveiled a new phone called Samsung Instinct. This is the device, which Sprint hopes to take on AT&T.

“This device is like no other touch-screen phone, “he said.

Like the iPhone, Instinct features touchscreen (3.1-inch) and 2MP camera. Other features are 3G and EV-DO Rev support, stereo Bluetooth, audible caller ID, voice dialling and commands, a full HTML browser, a digital music player , support for Sprint Radio Sprint TV, tethering, Microsoft Live Search, and integrated GPS with Sprint navigation.


While there is no IM capabilities yet, you will get multimedia messaging and access to personal and corporate e-mail.

One interesting upgrade from the iPhone is haptic keyboard.

Dan Hesse did not reveal the pricing of the phone, but estimates say it will cost around $200-$300.

The device is said to be launched in June. Just in time to compete with the 3G iPhone model?

Thanks: AdvertisingAge

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