Thursday, April 3, 2008

iPhone World and iPhone Forum now one

Forum’s software was upgraded to the latest version of vBulletin, which allows for more user options and better spam protection. replaces both iPhoneForum.INFO and previously existing with one centralized forums portal. Most user accounts were moved to the new software, but if your account in particular doesn’t work, just make a new one (things do happen during platforms migration).

iphone world forum

Furthermore, an iPhone optimized version of the forum was launched, allowing forum members to easily browse and reply to threads via a light, EDGE optimized interface. iPhone optimized version works based on browser detection — much like our iPhone optimized main site version — it checks your browser’s agent, and if it finds an iPhone or an iPod Touch, you will be shown the optimized version that doesn’t have all the features, but loads fast (screenshot below). If you’re accessing the forums from your desktop or laptop computer, you will see the regular forums version, with all the advanced features (screenshot above).

iphone world forum optimized

Lastly, some new moderators are needed for the forums, please contact us via our contact form if you’re interested in helping out.

We invite you all to try out our new forums, whether you’d like to discuss the latest happenings in the iPhone world, share your experience, or ask us or other iPhone users for support (as you might know, we don’t reply to support requests via our contact form, as such posting your problem in our forum’s support section is your best bet to get an answer to your question).

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