Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spime Watch: iPhone, plus Twitter, plus Locativity

"Here's a great idea: Twitter+Location+iPhone. Twinkle is just that; a Twitter client which taps into the iPhone's location finding feature to let you tune into tweets from nearby people. These location based services have been tried before, but by combining the double nerd magnets of Twitter and iPhone, the critical mass required to make them useful might finally be reached.

"Twinkle is actually a pretty decent Twitter client on its own, but it is Twinkle's specific features that make it, if you'll excuse me, shine. As well as the location feature, which can be fine-tuned down to a one mile radius, you can also add photos to your posts direct from the iPhone's camera. Neither of these show up in the actual, official Twitter timeline, but then, do you need them when you're at your desk?

"Right now the application is a little too crash-happy on my jailbroked iPod Touch..." (((yeah, that's how you know you're reading a gadget blog instead of design theory.)))

(((The "Austin, Texas" locale is a nice touch.)))


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