Wednesday, April 16, 2008

iRinger: convert MP3s / Youtube videos into free iPhone ringtones (Windows)

As we all know, iTunes Music Store charges customers $0,99 for converting their favorite track into an iPhone ringtone.

No more, says the founder of iRinger, a free software program that allows you to create free ringtones for your iPhone from your favorite YouTube videos or Mp3s.

iRinger was born out of the reaction that many iPhone users had to Apple’s decision to charge iPhone owners $.99 to convert a song into a ringtone, even a song the user already owned.

The developer of iRinger took it two steps further - he created an easy to use software program that can convert any audio and video (YouTube, Google) file into a ringtone for the iPhone.

iringer iphone

IRinger is free. Just download it, import the media file of your choice, pick the 30 seconds of audio you want for your ringtone and export it to your iTunes library. Thanks to iRinger, iPhone users can create ringtones from any streaming media source and no longer have to pay the 99 cent fee.

Additionally, iRinger offers the user easy editing tools and the ability to add effects (fade in, fade out, flanger, distortion, boost) to the ringtone.

Direct download:
- iRinger for Windows (3.5 MB)
# Runs on all versions of Microsoft Windows including Windows Vista
# Requires iPhone firmware 1.1.2 or newer, iTunes software 7.5 or newer

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