Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sources Confirm New Apple iPhone Coming in June

New IPhone Launching in Two Months, Says Credible Sources like Walt Mossberg from the Wall Street Journal

A new Apple iPhone will be released in the next two months, or so sources have rumored. Today, one of the media's most credible columnists. Walt Mossberg on a podcast confirmed it. The new iPhone is promised to include numerous features that have been lacking in the current model of the iPhone, including a lack of 3G network support.

A shortage of Apple's blockbuster cell phone, the Apple iPhone, across stores in North America has prompted people to wonder, "What is going on?" There have been numerous rumors and ideas trying to explain such a shortage. Some have said that Apple simply ran out. Others, meanwhile, have seen this to mean that a new iPhone is on the horizon.

This new Apple iPhone would be the next generation of the gadget created in a partnership with telecom giant AT&T and computer hardware and software manufacturer Apple, Inc. Called the "invention of the year" by TIME Magazine. Apple has sold millions of iPhones since its release in 2007. Now, apparently, is the time to reveal the next generation of their runaway hit.

There have been numerous technological rumors predicting a new iPhone. However, today confirmed these rumors. Walt Mossberg, the journalist for the Wall Street Journal's technological column, predicts that there will be a new iPhone in "60 days." This prediction can be found in a podcast online on

"I'm kind of excited, but kind of pissed," says Hellen White, an iPhone user I spoke to. "I just bought an iPhone, and I won't be too happy if it becomes an obsolete computer gadget in two months. But, I guess...that's just something you always have to deal with when buying anything related to the computer-industry. It changes so fast!"

The new iPhone, if rumors are correct, will have much larger technological capabilities than the current iPhone model. The most popular rumored feature in the new iPhone will be support for AT&T's 3G cell network for faster web speed for web browsing and other cell phone features. Another rumored feature is extended battery life.


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