Thursday, April 10, 2008

NetBlender connects iPhone to Blu-ray, PS3

NetBlender Inc. on Thurs. announced new technology that will connect Apple Inc.'s iPhone and iPod Touch devices to Blu-ray disc content and players.

BD Touch is said to leverage the network built-into Blu-ray players and Wi-Fi connection on the iPhone to offer two-way communication between the devices.

BD Touch features will also work on a BD-Live enabled Blu-ray disc player, including Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3.

Abilities for BD Touch include search and e-commerce possibilities, pushing digital copies of movies from a Blu-ray disc menu to an iPhone, displaying trivia and extra movie information in real-time, and turning Blu-ray disc titles into games using the iPhone as a controller.

"By releasing the BD Touch SDK to the iPhone developer community we're excited to see creative possibilities for Blu-ray interactivity flourish," said Denny Breitenfeld, NetBlender CTO.

"The BD Touch framework is built into our Blu-ray disc authoring solution, DoStudio, so Blu-ray authorers at every level of the industry will be able to take advantage of these exciting new applications on their discs with point and click ease."

Sony's Blu-ray disc format held a victory over the HD DVD format in Feb. when Toshiba Corp. said it would exit the high-definition format business.

Since, retailers have begun to offer promotions to further Blu-ray disc adoption.

This week, fired a new 'Buy 2 Get 1 Free' to customers.

More than 50 titles are eligible for the offer, including Pan's Labyrinth, 300, Blade Runner, Black Hawk Down, The Departed, and Ocean's Thirteen.

Additionally, Best Buy Co. Inc. stores are offering $100 off the purchase of a PS3 and an HDTV $999 and up.


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