Thursday, April 3, 2008

Soleus aims for iPhone glory?

What we know about this upcoming mobile is that it is a “a sleek next-generation PND slated to go beyond point-to-point navigation, offering real-time search capabilities and a customizable navigation experience for leisure or business and daily commute-type travel. The PND also leverages gpsOne technology, currently used by over 300 million GPS units for positioning capabilities.

msi 5608
MSI 5608

Considering that the last Soleus-based handset was the MSI 5608 (on photo) that featured Wi-Fi, GPRS, 2MP camera, 240×432 pixels touchscreen, 2.8 inch display, accelerometer, mobile TV (T-DMB, DVB-H and ISDVT), dual Wi-Max and Bluetooth, we’re thinking that the new offering will be somewhat similar in specs to the iPhone, therefore making it at least one phone to watch out for when it comes out. Whether it will be able to dethrone the iPhone, is a completely different question of course (we might be biased considering that we’ve never seen it, but we just don’t think so).

For more information read the Mobiles World article.

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