Saturday, April 5, 2008

Pwnage tool for iPhone released

Pwnage tool, which we were so eagerly awaiting for, has been finally released. It did face some slowdowns, due to legal enquiries, which DevTeam had to make.

As expected the magic jailbreaking and unlocking tool only works on Mac OS so far. However there might be a Windows version of it really soon! In fact, it is in testing stages right now.


Compared to other jailbreaking tools (apart from ziphone), this one really ‘pwns’ your phone. It changes the bootloading files, which makes it fool proof solution of jail breaking the device.

The tool has actually two tools build into it. iPwner is what actually jailbreaks your phone, so you can run any software on it, and the ISPW Builder tool which allows users to edit the .ipsw files which you download through iTunes.

Direct downloads:
- Pwnage Tool (Mac) (22.6MB)
- WiFi Fix (6KB)

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