Saturday, April 5, 2008

JaJah to provide native VoIP calls app for IPhone

Jajah VoIP service that previously made a web app for making cheap calls, have announced that they are building what they hope to be the first native global VoIP application. Expected release date is this summer, close to when iPhone v2.0 firmware should be unleashed.

JAJAH Mobile VoIP client will utilize their previous call-back service, in low bandwidth location as well as the use of Wi-Fi network.


“JAJAH was one of the first in line to support the launch of the iPhone. Now with the release of the iPhone SDK, we are excited to develop a native VoIP application that will improve productivity and enhance the communication capabilities of mobile professionals with added security,” said Frederik Hermann, Director, Global Marketing. “JAJAH adds global mobile VoIP functionality and with enterprise level support, soon companies will give employees a choice of an iPhone vs. the BlackBerry.”

And until JaJah’s native iPhone app will released you can use their web based app.

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