Monday, March 31, 2008

ZiPhone v3.0 iPhone unlocker download

A new version, v3.0, of Zibri’s ZiPhone is now available. This version is compatible with all currently available iPhone and iPod Touch firmwares, from v1.0.0 to v1.1.4 and can now fix a problem with WiFi that occurred to some users.

New features in v3.0:

- No more need to fix nvram!
- Solution for GREYED wifi!
- No need for YouTube Fixes!
- Embedded apps installer!
- Customized plugins !

ziphone v2.6b iphone unlock

For more info on the customized plugins option read the included documentation.

Direct downloads:
- ZiPhone v3.0 for Windows (18MB)
- ZiPhone v3.0 for Mac (19MB)

Visit the project page at for support and to donate to Zibri for his hard work.

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