Monday, March 31, 2008

Apple 3G iPhone to Ship in June?

Speculation has been rife about the arrival of a 3G Apple iPhone ever since analysts with Goldman Sachs predicted two updates for the device this year: the one, a minor flash memory upgrade in the first half, and the other, a major revision involving 3G expected in the second half.

Now, a financial analyst with Bank of America has predicted that the 3G iPhone will most likely start shipping in June. In a message to investors, Scott Craig explained that their latest channel checks point out to a significant production build of the 3G iPhone beginning in the month of June, after an initial small production build in May.

That Apple will eventually come up with a 3G iPhone is inevitable; one may recall Apple Chief Steve Jobs alluding to that when he first introduced the device in January 2007. If the current iPhone offers only 2.5G (EDGE) speeds, it's got everything to do with excessive power consumption from 3G chipsets. Then again, with some newly-announced 3G chipsets that look like they'll solve some of these problems, the 3G iPhone may become a reality sooner than expected. In fact last year, AT&T, Apple's official carrier partner for the iPhone in the US, had said that it expects being able to sell a 3G version of iPhone in 2008, offering no specific details beyond that.

Scott Craig has predicted that Apple would have produced as many as 8 million 3G iPhones in the third quarter of this year. Previously, Craig had estimated that Apple would make 8 million such devices in the whole of 2008. Meanwhile, a Taiwanese publication that goes by the name 'Commercial Times' has reported that bidding for the 3G iPhone manufacturing contract is already underway. Elsewhere, it is reported that Hon Hai has won the contract for manufacturing Apple's 3G iPhones.


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