Monday, March 24, 2008

iPowerRush Review

Don’t let its simple packaging and design fool you, iPowerRush could really help out in a jam. iPowerRush is a portable power charger designed to give you that last minute power boost when you need it most.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t all that impressed by the product’s packaging or the product look itself. In essence, it has a plain white shell with an iPowerRush sticker on it. But, it performs its function very well.


To test it, I ran my iPhone battery to only 10% power remaining. I then put six, AAA batteries into the iPowerRush product, plugged it into my iPhone and turned it on. It’s been running this way for well over three hours. During this time I’ve had my wi-fi enabled, had my settings to check messages every 15 minutes, watched an 1 hour and a half movie and browsed over an hour on YouTube and still have a strong battery reading. While on, you can press a button on the iPowerRush that provides an indicator of battery power – three lights being the strongest.

I can hear you nay-sayers now, how do we know that 10% of the iPhone battery in itself isn’t enough to carry one through all these functions? To you I say, I know because if I unplug the iPowerRush, it’s only minutes before my phone ceases to function.

I’ve been in many situations where I’m running from meeting to meeting all day and as I’m in the airport heading home, my cell phone finally gives me the signal that it’s had enough. With this handy device, I know I’ll be able to eeck out that last call or that one last movie that tides me over until I land safely back home again.

iPowerRush is available on their website for $29.95.

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