Monday, March 24, 2008

Google API’s now support iPhone

Google has released GData Objective-C Client Library APIs that will allow iPhone developers to take advantage of Google APIs together with iPhones APIs. This will essentially allow you to write Objective-C iPhone applications that will be able to use Google Blogger API, Google Spreadsheet API, Google Contacts API and YouTube API. Or more simply, this will allow you to write apps from which for example you can upload YouTube video or edit Gmail contact without going into browser.

“Perhaps you want your iPhone software to send photos to a Picasa Web Albums account, or keep a journal of phone calls automatically in Blogger. Maybe your iPhone application accesses a database of information from a Google Spreadsheet or from Google Base. With the Google Data APIs Objective-C Client Library, creating software for these tasks is straightforward.”

“If you are writing iPhone software, just drag the “GData Sources” group folder from the GData project file into your iPhone project, and use the GData APIs as you would when writing a Mac application. ”


Visit GData Objective-C Client Library to find more information.

Thanks: IntoMobile

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