Saturday, February 23, 2008

Vote on Oscars ads and trailers with your iPhone

If you weren’t living under a rock in some deep cave then you know that Oscar nominations are happening this Sunday, February 24.

For this occasion MIMIEO who previously did Superbowl poling, has launched an Oscar poling website for iPhone.

You will be able to vote on Oscar nominated film trailers and on commercials broadcasted during the live show.


Following each movie clip, you will be asked whether you thought the trailer was entertaining and the ad made you more or less likely to see the film. Same will be done with commercials and whether the opinion of the product has increased or not after seeing the ad. Polling responses will then be used to create real-time movie rankings on the VoteOscarsAds website.

Polling data is then collected from mobile devices and the web simultaneously. It offers insight into measurement of both the entertainment and marketing value of ads.

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