Saturday, February 23, 2008

The iPhone SDK Will Be Late

There’s a week to go before Apple’s commitment to release the iPhone Software Developers Kit in February runs out of room. I’m hearing from one source that its going to be late. I’m not yet hearing any reasons why, and it’s sounding like the official release date could slide by anywhere from one to three weeks.

Apple had no comment, and as yet there’s no word on any events related to an SDK release next week. However I’m also hearing that the situation is fluid, and a lot of last-minute decisions are close to being made about what precisely will or will not be disclosed next week, if anything. There are, apparently, a lot of moving parts to something this complex.

Remember if you will that BusinessWeek broke the story of Apple’s plans to release an iPod SDK in October, a day before CEO Steve Jobs announced the company’s intentions himself via a statement on the “Hot News” section of Apple’s Web site.

So will they make it to the finish line in time or will they have to fudge it a little? We’ll all be watching next week.

by: Arik Hesseldahl

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