Sunday, April 6, 2008

Walt Mossberg says 3G iPhone coming within 60 days

Walt Mossberg says 3G iPhone coming within 60 daysThere has been a lot of speculation on when the 3G version of the iPhone would be coming, but today Walt Mossberg appeared to let the cat out of the bag in a video where he states that the 3G iPhone will be released within 60 days. Thanks to The Boy Genius Report for the link.

This news makes sense since the iPhone 2.0 update will be coming in a couple of months as well and the launch of a new device to go along with the new software is a natural assumption. I am pretty happy with my iPhone, but the lack of 3G is a real bummer that results in my using other devices instead of the iPhone to be productive on the road. A 3G iPhone with the new firmware is going to be very tempting and tough for me to resist. However, I will have to see other hardware improvements such as Bluetooth connectivity to a keyboard, A2DP Bluetooth support, and video capture capability before I’ll jump so quickly to buy an iPhone this time.

The video below shows Walt making the statement at 6:53 into the video so you can hear it for yourself. Walt gets Apple products earlier than most everyone else so I believe it when he says 60 days too.

Anyone ready to plunk down their cash for a 3G iPhone?


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