Saturday, April 12, 2008

Simple Tricks For Getting The Most From Your iPhone

Jason Snell at Macworld has some totally awesome tips for making you into an iPhone ninja. My favorite batch of tips apply to any camera phone: Use the camera to take pictures of, well, anything you don't want to forget.

• When your parking space is a long way from your destination, take a picture of where you parked. If you're parked in a lot with location markers, take a picture of the nearest one of those.

• When you take the kids for an outing, take a picture of the kids before you start. That way, if you and the kids become separated, you'll have a current picture, with the clothes and haircut they were wearing that day, to show the securityguards.

• This one hits home to me, personally: I often travel on business and valet-park my car. Often, the attendant asks me what kind of car I'm driving. My usual response: "Uh, I dunno. It's a rental." Snell advises, when you rent a car, to take a picture of it, including the license plate.

Snell also advises on techniques for making personal Web pages for information you want to remember, making a fake podcast, a workaround for the iPhone's inability to sync notes to the desktop, and more, at Macworld.

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