Saturday, April 12, 2008

Quake 3, Space Trader and more from HermitWorks for iPhone

Knowing that there are people working on Quake 3 iPhone port what else can we expect?

HermitWorks Entertainment, the same company behind q3 port, said that they are working on Space Trader port for iPhone as well. It uses modified Quake 3 engine, so once they will get q3 right, it will not be a challenge finishing that one up. It should be released in June.

They are also working on iPhone RPG called Quest, which will also use q3 engine. They promise that it won’t be standard 2D RPG, but instead a full 3D game, with some NPC’s being real players.

And here is a nice time demo of Quake 3 on the iPhone (for q3 fans).

Thanks: PCWorld

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