Monday, April 21, 2008

Nokia’s market share in the US slips down. No fear of iPhone?

Nokia revealed a huge increase in profits (1.95 billion) and worldwide market share (40%) during the last quarter; however, they are not as lucky in United States.

Neil Mawston, director of Strategy Analytics, said that Nokia’s North American market share has fallen from 20% to 7% in the last two years.

In addition, it seems that Nokia takes drastic measures, by preparing to release a device, which they hope will let their market share climb up again. Strange that they choose to make such a similar device to the iPhone, whose marketplace is already a hard target.


MacDailyNews writes:
Kallasvuo is either incapable of applying the lessons of [the] iPod to iPhone and understanding what’s coming his way or, much more likely, he understands perfectly and, since he has no answer, is saying just what many now-defunct MP3-makers said a few years ago. How many “niche” products have $100 million venture capital funds ready and waiting, exactly? Candy bars and way-too-late, fake, 1st-generation iPhones with craptastic UI’s are not going to cut it from here on out, Nokia boy. This June, the bloodbath really begins, and Kallasvuo sounds like he knows it.

While US market is important to Nokia, they just don’t seem to exploit it well enough. In fact it seems that they are not afraid of competing against iPhone at all.

Thanks: InformationWeek

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