Saturday, April 5, 2008

Mossberg: 3G iPhone within 60 days

The heavily anticipated 3G-capable iPhone will be available within the next 60 days, Wall Street Journal columnist Walt Mossberg revealed at a Beet.

executive conference in Washington, DC. The veteran writer made the comment while discussing the limits of cellular broadband in the US, noting that third-generation access in the country is still slow compared to other areas of the world. Mossberg doesn't offer supporting evidence in the speech but is known to regularly have exclusive access to advance details, having received a review iPhone weeks ahead of its June 2007 debut.

The comments fuel growing speculation over the launch of an iPhone that supports HSPA Internet access, which is considered by many to be essential for adding more Internet-dependent features to the handset as well as offering access to Japan and other countries where 3G is the only option for phone service. A special T-Mobile Germany promotion and analyst reports have all pointed to a likely iPhone upgrade to the faster wireless technology in June.

The Journal writer also noted that he appreciated the Apple TV but that current bandwidth limits on American broadband affect potential enjoyment of the experience. HD and very long videos often require long download times before they can reliably play on most users' devices.


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