Thursday, April 17, 2008

Latest iPhone Reports: iPhone Shuffle On The Way

This is the first I've caught wind of the most recent rumors regarding the next generation of iPhone. A Macenstein writer says that Apple envisions a line-up of iPhones, including a "Pro" version, the current version, and a smaller, "Shuffle" version. Guess which one gets all the good specs.

I think the guy who posted this is a little too, uh, faithful about what Apple has hidden up its sleeve. Most of his own readers say this is complete and utter bunk, so I merely offer it up as a source of amusement and fuel to add to the fires of 3G iPhone Rumorville.

Writes Doug:

A "Pro" or "Max" model that is noticeably thicker than current model (over 15mm, versus 11.6mm for existing iPhone) to incorporate a battery with almost triple the duration of the existing iPhone. This model is also the 3G model. It is targeted for power users and enterprise, meaning people who may use their phone 2-3 days in a row (on a business trip) without accessing a PC or having the time or opportunity to charge it.

Existing iPhone stays the same, along with no 3G, just Edge.

Also being considered, and with engineering and development basically done, is a new entry model, that is slimmer than the iPod Touch (an amazing 6.2mm versus iPod Touch's already amazing 8mm), and slightly less wide (58.6mm versus 61.8mm for iPod Touch). Screen size is the same; this width reduction comes from the casing. It does not offer video playback and has only 4 GB. Could be as low as $159. Name to be determined, internally referred to as iPhone Shuffle, definitely not the final name. Edge, of course.

The first comment posted below Doug's idea is not repeatable here. Words that start with the letter "B" and the letter "S" are involved. I am sure you get the idea.

The best comment reads:

I think it's completely possible that they will introduce a second or third type iPhone, but a iPhone shuffle with no video playback, that is the complete opposite directions Apple was heading with it's current iPod line. The Nano, Classic and Touch all have video playback, why in the world you want to introduce a iPhone without video playback? Neither do I believe it would be smart to introduce a thicker iPhone 3G model, since the current model is really small and if you make it thicker, it would become an iPhone Treo ... bad idea ... Just update the current model with 3G and another cam in front of the bezel.

I love the iPhone Treo remark. Touché!

The one thing I'd really like to see is a user-replaceable battery. I think Apple is still dealing with lawsuits regarding the original iPhone's battery. It should realize that mobile phone users are used to being able to replace them and make that change on the next version of the iPhone.

Most analysts I've spoken with believe a 3G iPhone will at least be announced by summer, but not necessarily available right away. Why? The reasoning is simple. Steve Jobs doesn't want any new version of the iPhone spotted on the public FCC site before he has the chance to announce it himself. That means he has to announce it before it is submitted to the FCC for final testing. Since final testing takes up to two months, my guess is we're going to see availability of the 3G iPhone in the fall sometime. Not in two months, as everyone hopes.


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