Tuesday, April 8, 2008

iPhone to Become Blu-Ray Player Remote

According to NetBlender, iPhone and iPod touch users will be able to control their Blu-ray players using an application called BD Touch. The application will use the network capabilities of Blu-ray hardware and Apple's handheld devices to transfer data, allowing you to do many different things beyond controlling movie playback.

According to NetBlender:

• The iPhone application will be able to interact directly with movies, showing extra information in the iPhone.
• It will also be able to keep a database of your movie collection.
• BD Touch will also be able to get digital copies of the movies inside the Blu-ray disc, presumably already encoded for iPod touch and iPhone playback.

The only problem we see with BD Touch is the quote they gave to MacWorld UK:

The sophisticated user interface of the iPhone enables greater user interaction as well as the power to leverage the iPhone's existing network. Search, e-commerce and advertising possibilities related to movie content abound when one imagines real-time communication between the iPhone and the content currently being displayed on a Blu-ray player.

Possibility of buying/snatching a song while I'm listening to it in the movie soundtrack? Great. Advertising popping on my iPhone while I watch a movie? I was going to say "no thanks," but I just stopped at the "why?"

We will see how it exactly works when it gets announced this Thursday. [Netblender via MacWorld]

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