Wednesday, April 9, 2008

iPhone more popular as an iPod

According to research firm iSuppli (who compared the iPhone to the iPod Touch), the iPhone’s capabilities as a phone are mostly topping to the cake, as most users love the iPhone as a web browser or music player.

In a comparison to all other mobile handsets that share similar capabilities, the iPhone’s populace uses their iPhone to talk 46.5% of the time, while most other handsets have a phone-use-rate of 71.7%.


Now, otherwise, using internet or media listening, the iPhone dominates with a 12.1% of its users’ time spent online, and 11.9% for music. In comparison, competitors had a bit lower percentile of 2.4% for internet usage, and 2.5% for music. Games didn’t fare that well, in a comparative 2% to 3%. (Imagine how that will change when 3D games come to the iPhone?)

With Apple’s previous success of the iPod and its line of products, people, ofcourse, assumed that the iPhone would include the same quality and abilities, and on top of that internet was included. As you can see above, the iPhone is more popular generally for other uses except talking.

Thanks: Digitimes

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