Sunday, April 27, 2008

iPhone Buzz Week in Review

Unless you have been living under a rock the last few months, then you know that the 3G iPhone is one of the single hottest news items being discussed right now. This week is no different. One rumor of it may offer a little light at the end of the tunnel though. The 3G version of the BlackBerry has been pushed back. The reason is not confirmed, but the BlackBerry was supposed to launch in June. Some are speculating the delay is due to AT&T not wanting to launch two competing devices at the same time.

A new feature was unlocked for the iPhone this week, the ability to record videos. DreamCatcher has brought their recording application to the iPhone. The feature is much sought after in iPhone circles. DreamCatcher is not bringing this service to the iPhone for nothing though, and is going to be charging $20 for the application.

iPhone developers were treated to a pleasant surprise, when the iPhone SDK beta 4 was released earlier in the week. The new SDK brings OpenGL ES functionality to the included iPhone emulator, which was a much requested improvement asked of Apple by the developers. Apple also took the opportunity to release a new build of the 2.0 firmware beta, called build 5A258f.

This week we also found out that not only can can images be saved from Safari with the new firmware, but so can images sent through email. The feature was discovered right here on iPhone Buzz by Vincent. It works in much the same way as saving images from safari, you hold your finger over an image in the email for a moment, and then you are presented with an option to save the image.

Save image attachments directly to camera roll

Finally, after much speculation it turned out that the supposed black 3G iPhone photo well-circulated during the past few weeks is, in fact, simply a case for the current handset. Still, apparent confirmation (as if anything is ever confirmed until Steve Jobs announces it to be the case!) of the upcoming device having 3G, GPS and more should make up for any photograph disappointment.

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