Friday, April 18, 2008

iHome iP99 iPhone clock radio

In other iPhone accessories news, iHome, a manufacturer of iPod accessories, is set to launch the new iP99 iPhone clock radio at Brookstone specialty retail stores on June 1. Brookstone is one of only two retailers that will carry the iP99 iPhone speaker system throughout the summer.

Retailing at a rather hefty $149.95, the iP99 claims to the first speaker system that docks, charges and plays music from the iPhone without sacrificing any of its functionality — meaning iPhone users now can listen to their music via speakers and still receive calls. Apparently the iP99 does this by eliminating the interference, called shielding, that plagues other audio systems that try to play iPhone. The iHome iP99 also docks, charges and plays all docking iPod models, while the company states that it’s apparently the only speaker system that is compatible with both iPhone and iPod.


Housed in a sleek design, the iHome iP99 lets users wake up to their favorite iPhone or iPod music from iHome’s proprietary Reson8 speakers, which produce 10 watts of power and are designed to deliver outstanding clarity and depth. The iP99 also features an AM/FM radio, alarm buzzer and a remote that controls both iPhone and iPod functions and menus.

Beginning today through June 1, customers can pre-order the iHome iP99 iPhone clock radio and receive free shipping, by visiting any one of Brookstone’s 314 stores in the USA or at

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