Monday, April 7, 2008

I don’t need GPS in my iPhone

I don’t need GPS in my iPhone

The current iPhone can’t do true GPS – which is fine with me. Many people put the popular navigation technology at the top of their iPhone wishlist but I think that 3G networking is much more important.

iPhone’s Google Maps application does pseudo-GPS by approximating your location using information from cell towers and Wi-Fi networks (via a partnership with Skyhook Wireless) but it’s far from precise.

I have a Garmin nuvi GPS receiver in my car that I love and have come to rely on. It has a top-notch interface and it’s a single-purpose, no compromises device. Every phone, PDA, watch/GPS hybrid that I’ve tried just doesn’t measure up. I really don’t need GPS technology in my iPhone, especially if it: a) adds heft, b) adds size, c) decreases battery life and/or d) increases costs.

JG Mason gives four reasons why he thinks that iPhone GPS is coming, but if there’s a monthly charge for the service, count me out. Garmin doesn’t charge me a monthly fee, I already paid for those government satellites in my taxes.

There’s no questions that a true phone/GPS hybrid is feasible, Garmin’s announcement of nuvifone on 31 January is evidence that a market exists. I think that there are better areas for Apple to focus their R&D resources on.

What about you?

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