Monday, April 21, 2008

Future iPhones will feature terabytes of memory?

Is 16 GB not enough for your iPhone? How about 1TB? The Times Online reports on a development in memory technology called ‘racetrack’ memory. It uses the spin of an electron to store data, and can operate far more quickly than regular hard drives.

It is also much quicker than the flash drives, and unlike flash, it does not wear out after repetitive use of several thousand of times.

Dr Parkin said that racetrack memory could lead to the development of ‘three-dimensional micro-electronics’, breaking with the tradition of scientists trying to fit an ever-greater number on transistors on an ultra-thin piece of silicon shaped like a wafer.


“The combination of extraordinarily interesting physics and spintronic materials engineering, one atomic layer at a time, continues to be highly challenging and very rewarding,” he said.

While according to IBM, the technology is still exploratory at this stage, they still expect the devices using such technology within 10 years.

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