Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Future generations will shop virtually using just an iPhone?

A patent application filled by Apple on April 17, says that their store might become virtual someday in the future. Patent described as “Enhancing Online Shopping Atmosphere”, is supposed to create an online shopping experience that does not feel “sterile and isolating”, like a traditional online stores we have now.

“Customers in such an environment may be less likely to have positive feelings about the online shopping experience, may be less inclined to engage in the online equivalent of window shopping (e.g., will not linger in front of a display), and may ultimately spend less money than their counterparts who shop in physical stores.”


One implementation of such idea could be something like a store in Second Life, where you can virtually explore product, walk around maybe interact with customers and salespeople before buying the product, instead of just seeing a few pictures.

You can see Second Life visualisation of Apple Store in this video:

One other interesting use of such virtual store would be shopping from your mobile device. Just imagine exploring virtual store from your future iPhone! You will never have to spend time in shops, since everything could be done on the move, saving you precious time to spend with the family.

Thanks: Gigaom

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