Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The first iBand CD to be won!

Some time has passed since the last news on the famous iBand we have posted at iPhone World. Well since then they have managed to issue a new single titled “Vitality” make an interesting appearance on a German TV show and produce their new CD. It is more of DIY-with the hand-made cover therefore unique and more valuable for their real fans.

Marina, Roger and Seb’s new song “Vitality” has inspired them to launch a contest for those of their fans who do something exceptional to make them feel alive. The link to the contest’s own internet site can be found on the iBand’s official web site. The site is already presenting people who want to show what makes them feel alive. The contest is opened for submissions until 25th of April. Below you can see the YouTube video showing the process of creating their first single CD (with all three songs) as well as listen to the latest single.

Coming back to their TV appearance on Sunday, 13th of April - the program in which they showed their faces to the public for the first time is called Neues (eng. New) and brings the news from the world of technology to the viewers of ZDF, Arte and 3sat TV stations.

The three members of the iBand, Marina (vocals, piano, guitar), Roger (xylophone) and Seb (drums.) has already appeared in the most important American newspapers like “Washington Post” or “New York Times”. But it is the first time they show their faces to the world. You can see the German language interview below with English subtitles and the full 20 minutes one for German-speakers available at

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