Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Create iPhone optimized sites from RSS feeds

If you have a favourite website that has an RSS feed but doesn’t have an iPhone-optimized site version (we do!) while you’d still like to read it on your iPhone via an optimized interface (and while not paying too much for EDGE if you’re on the go), then you can use this following new service, to create your own iPhone optimized feeds that you could add on your iPhone’s homescreen if you have the latest versions of software.

Briskly it converts almost any site’s XML RSS feed into an iPhone-optimized site with the corresponding look, accessible via a unique link. So you can bookmark it for yourself in your Safari browser for easy access. or put it on your iPhone’s home screen, after which it will obviously be accessible to you anytime when you have an internet connection.

iphone optimized feeds

It’s a very nice idea, but the service is still in beta, so be alert for bugs (we did notice a few with our own feed). You can try it here for yourself.

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