Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Case Mate Carbon Fiber Leather Case/Holster Combo Review

Case Mate has designed a luxurious looking leather case and holster for the iPhone. The case slides around the phone allowing full access to the touch screen and all other iPhone buttons. It does not cover the top or bottom of the phone. The case is composed of carbon fiber infused leather and the look is continued onto the included holster. The carbon fiber texture does give the case a prestigious feel and look to it. Case Mate boasts that this rare leather has only been used in high end aftermarket cars by Techart Porsche and very high end cell phones may by Vertu. When using the case I found that it was easy to slide the phone in and out of the case and it fit snug in the holster. I have not had an issue with the phone sliding out of the case or holster on accident and I have been pleased by the ability of this high end case to protect my phone from incidental damage.

Carbon Fiber 1

The Holster is a nice touch and allows for a sturdy way for you to carry your iPhone on your belt or outside pocket. It also provides additional protection for the touch screen to keep it from getting scratched or bumped while not in use. However, the other day I was entering my car and I was disappointed by when the actual clip broke off the back of the case. This after I’d only been using the case for less than a week!

I would not consider myself to be demanding on these products, so it seems the clip is not as sturdy as the molded case to which it’s attached. Still the carbon fiber case is a great case if you want to stand out, don’t mind spending the steep $90.00 to purchase one, and are willing to risk the ability to carry it on your belt. Visit to purchase. Overall, I still like the look and feel of the case and I am exploring how to get a replacement for the broken clip.


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