Friday, April 11, 2008

Blu-Ray and the iPhone

Apparently, a new program (BD Touch) is being created by Netblender that will allow blu-ray players to connect to both the iPhone and iPod Touch. By blu-ray players, that includes the Playstation 3, which will be first in line to receive such compatibility, because it includes the latest playback functionality.

Once connected, thanks to the iPhone’s complex interface, you can both use it as a control, and send movies directly to the PS3.

“Search, e-commerce and advertising possibilities related to movie content abound when one imagines real-time communication between the iPhone and the content currently being displayed on a Blu-ray player,” said Netblender.

Update: A reader, Amy, has informed us that there are videos of this program in use, at Netblender’s website. Thanks Amy!


Thanks: TGDaily

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